20 Hilarious Friends Spin-Offs (That Never Existed)

11. The One Where You Meet The Parents

Friends Promo 4

Who wouldn't want to see more of Ross and Monica's parents, played by the peerless Elliott Gould and Christina Pickles?

In wry black comedy Give 'Em Geller, Jack finds retirement unbearable and seeks out increasingly outlandish ways to keep himself occupied: hang gliding, cigar smuggling and his bourbon review blog, which is engaged in a bitter feud with a rival whiskey blog written by a local teenager.

In the meantime, Judy goes off the reservation completely and begins lying to Jack about everything - her kleptomania, her affair with the parish priest, the seventeen cats she keeps in the summer house…

Think of it as an American 'One Foot In The Grave', but played by two of the most charming actors in television.

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