20 Mind-Blowing Facts You Never Knew About Sons Of Anarchy

Tig's fear of dolls hits pretty close to home.

This December past saw the climactic, bloody and oil-slicked ending to everybody's favourite contemporary re-telling of Hamlet. No, not the one where Ethan Hawke is a film student whose father was CEO of the "Denmark Corporation". Or the David Tenant one. Or The Lion King. Sons Of Anarchy! Remember? Sure, it looked like hyper-violent biker drama, but it'd make the Bard proud. Well, possibly. Depends how you feel about the ending really. Anyway, Kurt Sutter's epic crime TV series about Jax Teller €“ the young member of a biker gang founded by his deceased father, who starts to think maybe all this gun-running and hog-riding is maybe not so ethical €“ and his fluctuating levels of facial hair was pretty great while it lasted. Across its seven superlative seasons Sons Of Anarchy amassed a huge cult following, hanging on every cliffhanger, shocking character death and appearance by a former shock-rock icon. It's one of the most beloved TV shows of recent years, but how well do you really know it...? The show itself is packed with more secrets than Clay's machinations, that box of nonsense Jax inherited from his father and Opie's beard combined. The secret meanings of badges, life imitating art (and vice versa) and a potential future all figure into the twenty mind-blowing facts you never knew about Sons Of Anarchy...

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