25 Best Supporting Characters From The Simpsons

21. Ralph Wiggum

The son of Clancy and Sarah Wiggum, little Ralphy is a good-hearted, cheery young man who, bless him, is a little bit slow. Often muddling his words, asking nonsensical questions or eating glue/crayons/worms, he exasperates Miss Hoover. But he€™s generally well-liked amongst the other children. However, he has shown glimmers of talent in the past such as his ability to tap dance and bring an entire audience to tears with his fine, convincing interpretation of George Washington.

20. Duffman

Always ready to dish out some €˜Duff Love€™ and enthusiastically thrust his hips in your general direction, Duffman, or Barry Duffman as he was once called, is the mascot and spokesperson for the Duff Beer Company. There are many theories surrounding Duffman, such as his ambiguous sexuality, his religion, and the large number of actors who have played him. But he can still get the party pumping wherever he goes. Ohhhh Yeah!

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