25 Funniest Only Fools And Horses Moments

24. Who Nicked The Microwave?

Back in the early days of Only Fools, when Del was struggling to support himself, his brother, and his Granddad, not everything he did to make money was exactly legal or 100% above board. When his childhood friend/enemy found a stolen microwave in the Trotters' flat, they were taken in for questioning.

The entire episode is based around Roy Slater getting the name of the man who nicked the microwave in the first place. After threatening to send Del to prison, and plant drugs on Rodney, leaving Granddad in the flat on his own on a dangerous estate, Del agreed to give Slater the name, making him one of the policeman's grasses and breaking one of his main principles.

Del negotiated with Slater that after he gave him the name, all three would be let go, with no prosecution and absolutely no ramifications. Just when it looked like Slater had won, Del gave him the name of the thief... it was Del. Slater's face says it all.


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