25 Most Hotly Anticipated New TV Shows Of 2020

Trawling the upcoming schedules so you don’t have to...

The CW

We’re elbow deep in the golden age of television, and the quality doesn’t show any sign of letting up. With the number of available platforms for both crowd-pleasing and ground-breaking TV shows seeming to double every year, 2020 may be the first time that streaming services equal or even outnumber traditional broadcast and cable channels.

What that means is that there’s more choice than ever before - but you’ll have to pay through the nose for it. These new services are cheap on the face of it, especially considering the massive amount of content available - but get three or four of them plus cable, and you’re suddenly making a financial investment in becoming a shut-in.

So here you go, you lucky, lucky people - a long, painstakingly curated list of the hottest new shows coming to series in the next twelve months of so. See for yourselves whether you’ll be juggling a full slate of premium cable and subscription web services, or picking and choosing your favourites… but the smart money says you ain’t never leaving the house again.

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