5 Best TV Detectives Right Now

3. Sherlock Holmes - Sherlock

sherlock teaser

"A consulting detective, the only one in the world." Or at least that's how the world's greatest detective decides to describe himself and who are we to complain about one of the sharpest minds? We're only interested in the modern Benedict Cumberbatch Sherlock Holmes, which is probably the best Sherlock by far - only Robert Downey Jr. comes close and even then falls short. Not as aware of female love interests, it could be seen that he inspired Elise Wassermann's tendencies through being too attached to his work and oblivious to the flirting of those who work alongside him. Using the smallest details to deduce an entire web of crime, he frequently alienates those around him especially DI Lestrade who is regularly humiliated and belittled by Holmes. Although would Holmes still be as effective without aid from his "friend" - if such a term could be used - Dr John Watson? Watson takes care of the menial tasks including making sure Holmes has somewhere to live and something to eat, as well as making sure that the police don't completely shut them out of ongoing investigations. On this list, I don't think anyone goes close to matching Sherlock's detective skills and whether anyone will it remains to be seen but the only thing he lacks? Social skills, by not rubbing people up the wrong way could his life be so much easier? Don't think anyone could answer that.

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