5 Doctor Who Writers Who Should Return For Series 9 (Plus 5 New Ones)

Who will be writing for the Twelfth Doctor next year?

Now that the latest series has reached its dramatic conclusion (hands up if you're still recovering from the finale!), the attention of Doctor Who fans has now swiftly turned to the upcoming series as speculation about who will be writing for the Doctor's next string of adventures begins. It is already known, of course, that showrunner Steven Moffat will be back to oversee the timey-wimey proceedings for what will be his fifth series at its reigns. As such, he'll be contributing the majority of the episodes, and, as the man in charge, he's also responsible for hand picking the other writers who will have the privilege of leaving their mark on the Twelfth Doctor's second series. Just think of him in his office sitting on a throne made of Dalekanium, only he's stroking a life size figure of K-9 instead of a white fluffy cat... Tumblr M95vebp0q11r01pm5 Gif With production on Series 9 due to commence in Cardiff in the new year, the majority of the Time Lord's 2015 adventures will already be set in stone, as Steven Moffat confirmed at a recent Doctor Who press event that all of its writers have now been officially signed off. This has left fans guessing as to just who will be part of the coveted Series 9 line up and here is a list of 5 established Doctor Who writers who deserve to step back in the spotlight, as well as 5 other for whom it's about time they added an episode of the world's longest running science fiction series to their résumé.
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