5 Reasons Why Doctor Who Prequel Should Never Happen

Why Doctor Who: The Early Years should remain an abandoned concept...

Far back in the mists of time (well, the mid-Noughties), the BBC approached Russell T. Davies with an idea: a Doctor Who spin-off about the adventures of a young Doctor on Gallifrey. In a moment that Whovians owe him hugely for, Davies promptly vetoed this and suggested The Sarah Jane Adventures instead, later commenting that:
€œSomehow, the idea of a fourteen-year-old Doctor, on Gallifrey inventing sonic screwdrivers, takes away from the mystery and intrigue of who he is and where he came from€.
Even though the BBC has so far had the wisdom to not try to revive the young Doctor concept, the idea has never quite gone away with an attempt at a fanmade prequel titled A Wild Endeavour featuring Yee Jee Tso (Chang Lee in the 1996 film) having been in the works for some time. But no matter where it comes from and who€™s involved, a Doctor Who prequel shouldn€™t happen. The Doctor Who universe is colossal and while practically anything is fair game for being expanded in some way, the Doctor€™s early life is the biggest exception. He is the one part of Doctor Who that must be kept shrouded in mystery more than all of the others But because the BBC have a history of stupid decisions regarding Doctor Who (like considering the possibility of ending it with David Tennant€™s departure) it€™s not out of the question that a Doctor Who prequel might happen one day. And since we firmly follow the school of thought that it shouldn€™t be brought into existence under any circumstances, these are five reasons why there shouldn't be a Doctor Who prequel...
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