5 Reasons Why Doctor Who Prequel Should Never Happen

5. Nobody Has The Right To Extend The Doctor's Backstory

As a result of its longevity, Doctor Who is an intellectual property that is constantly changing hands. And while the different showrunners shouldn€™t treat the programme like it€™s made of glass and need to take some risks, at the same time a number of things should be avoided. And chief amongst those things is revealing too much about the Doctor€™s life before he stole the Tardis. Because while the custody of the Doctor Who legacy passes through multiple hands, only Verity Lambert and Sydney Newman should have the right to establish or significantly extend the character€™s backstory. They are the mother and father of Doctor Who. Regardless of which incarnation it is, the Doctor is fundamentally their character and establishing his backstory should be down to them. And since they have both passed away, there should be a moratorium on revealing significant elements of the Doctor€™s life that precede An Unearthly Child. Which is what the core element of a Doctor Who prequel would be. Admittedly, little bits and pieces about the Doctor's early life have been slipped in over the years and the Series 7 finale The Name Of The Doctor (2013) realised the moment where he steals the Tardis; but they€™re all small details used to advance other stories and character relationships. Outside of those smaller moments that have other purposes, the Doctor€™s past should remain a mystery.
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