5 TV Shows That Disappointed After Initial Brilliance

4. The Office €“ Season 6

The Office Clip show. Do I really have to say anything more? I probably don€™t, but I will anyway. This season of The Office began the downfall in creativity and enjoyment that permeated the final few seasons of the once-great show. Once known for incredibly memorable episodes, Season 6 provided very little of the genius from the first five seasons of the show, so much so that individual episodes are hard to pick out from this particular season. This was the season that Jim and Pam got married, but it is also the season that the Jim and Pam story became just about the only story that was told. Perhaps that is why Dwight€™s character seemed to change so much during this, and subsequent, seasons €“ he was frustrated that the spotlight shined on just a few people, rather than the entire ensemble cast. Michael€™s character development stagnated. In fact, almost every character€™s development either got worse or grinded to a painful halt. This was the season when almost nothing happened. In the history of The Office, it will be known only for the wedding episode and for the sale of Dunder Mifflin to Sabre. It was a filler season. Plus, there was a clip show episode. Ugh.

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