5 Ups & 3 Downs From Doctor Who Series 12 - Can You Hear Me?

Fingers in ears.

Stick The God Complex, Vincent and The Doctor, and Amy's Choice in a blender, and you get Can You Hear Me?, the penultimate episode of the series prior to our supposedly explosive two-part finale. Back on Earth in the present day, Ryan, Yaz, and Graham, find themselves with their family and friends, only for nightmarish visions to be haunting them.

With a threat more powerful than anything The Doctor's come up against before, will Team TARDIS prevail against the twisted actions of Zellin? Do we get any more hints toward the finale of the show? Does a relatively solid track record of episodes since Nikola Tesla's Night of Terror continue?

Best to get to those Ups & Downs, kicking things off with the latter...


3. The Abrupt Ending


When it came to the final face-off between The Doctor, Zellin, and Rakaya, the whole ordeal of the episode was closed-off in what felt like about fifteen seconds. The wasted creature, the Chagaska, was controlled by Tahira (because it could be), The Doctor used the weird dream fingers against their creators, and our antagonist duo were banished along with the Chagaska to the prison Rakaya was freed from earlier- all in the flick of the sonic screwdriver.

For a threat potentially impossible to combat- I mean, they're Gods with the power to do almost anything- a much bigger battle was to be expected come the close of the episode. Though the way things ended made just enough sense, it felt very anticlimactic, and very abrupt. For two brilliant antagonists (which we will get to shortly), their end desired much more.

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