5 Ups & 3 Downs From Doctor Who Series 12 - Can You Hear Me?

2. Sonic, Sonic, Sonic


Back in 1982, then-producer of the show John Nathan-Turner was so sick of the sonic screwdriver, he killed off the device in The Visitation. Apart from a brief appearance in the 1996 TV movie, it didn't appear again until 2005. It was written out of the show back in the eighties simply because it was too useful. A repeat deus ex machina offender to escape writing The Doctor into a corner.

Jodie Whittaker's Thirteenth Doctor hasn't put the screwdriver down since she built it in her first episode. Throughout Can You Hear Me?, the sonic is used over and over again, even being written in to reveal absolutely nothing. At one point in the episode, The Doctor manages to flick the sonic from her inner-coat pocket into her hand, which has been handcuffed above her head. A moment that brought me to curse at my television. The sonic is far too prevalent again, and someone needs to do a Nathan-Turner and kill it off again.

It won't happen though, as it's unfortunately an easy bit of merchandising for the BBC to cash in on.

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