50 Best Doctor Who Cliffhangers

These were the great moments that people remember, the last thing the kids would have seen before the credits rolled.

Throughout 50 years, some can argue 'Doctor Who's' longevity - especially in the early days - was down to its use of cliffhangers. An idea pinched from 'Flash Gordon' and other serials of the time and drawing back viewers week after week, these cliffhangers have given us some of the show's greatest moments. Not content with just having a gun drawn on the regulars at twenty minute intervals (although that sometimes did happen from time to time), sometimes, the rug would genuinely be pulled from under the audience's feet, accompanied by a bellowing 'NEEEEOOOOWW!' as the theme tune kicked in. These were the moments that people remember, the last thing the kids would have seen before the credits rolled. These were the key dramatic moments that prompted speculation in the playground, decades before the water cooler. Across 50 years and in a time where cliffhangers are becoming a thing of the past, we think it's about time some of these gained recognition and were ranked in order of supremacy. Maybe Steven Moffat will see the light and bring them back.

50. The Keeper Of Traken: Episode 4

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bAKHb0JImNo As native Traken-ite Tremas investigates a grandfather clock that has appeared, his hand becomes fixed to the clock€™s face. The immobilised Tremas can only watch as the front of the clock opens and the emaciated (and presumed dead) Master emerges from his TARDIS, sizing up the body before merging with it, and adopting the classic Master-like appearance. Chuckling, he re-enters his TARDIS, taking off to pursue the Doctor to the end. The final kick comes as Nyssa comes running back to find her father gone, meaning the Master has left her an orphan.

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