50 Best Doctor Who Cliffhangers

49. Silence In The Library

http://youtu.be/enG6Z3zqOWE?t=2m48s To save Donna, the Doctor transported her back to the TARDIS, only she never made it. Around the library are information Nodes, that adapt by morbidly using faces donated by the dead, expected to be pleasing to the user. As the Doctor hurriedly consults the nearest Node about the whereabouts of Donna Noble, it rotates to face him revealing the aspect of none other than Donna herself. A clever way of suggesting Donna is dead without actually saying it.

48. Power Of The Daleks: Episode 2

Credit to the late Christopher Barry, who as director got us inside the Dalek casing. Its eye focuses square on the new Doctor€™s face, and yet without saying so, clearly identifies him as the Doctor. It chooses it€™s tactic.
The Dalek barks over the Doctor€™s cries of protest over how the Daleks are not to be trusted. Those words are almost as terrifying as €˜Exterminate€™. A Dalek that wants to help, you should be afraid, very afraid!

47. The Face Of Evil: Episode 3

http://youtu.be/4ZeBjXYn2Tc?t=3m14s Tom Baker channels his eccentricities and energy into a psychotic computer named Xoanon, that has taken on the personality of the Doctor (among others) and, needless to say, has become a little bit confused. After intensely interrogating the Doctor, Xoanon has a complete breakdown, questioning it€™s own existence. The Doctor is surrounded by multiple reflections of his own face denying his own words before pleading repeatedly in the voice of a child;
"Who am I? Who am I? Who am I?"

46. The Time Meddler: Episode 3

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GhqIaQP0bec "The Monk€™s got a TARDIS" Vicki exclaims. At a time when we had never encountered another TARDIS or another of the Doctor's people, this was a real game changer. It is extremely unexpected, doubly so as up to now the Doctor has hinted at having built his own one and only TARDIS. This put a new spin on the character of the Monk, and the relationship between the Doctor and his peers.

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