6 New Stars Of Star Trek To Watch Out For

6. Evan Evagora - Elnor


One of the most pure characters in Star Trek as a whole, Elnor is both a child who looks up to Picard, and a complete, remorseless killing machine. Evan Evagora is brand new to professional acting, with very few credits to his name.

He was born in 1996 (yes, he is the same age as Star Trek: First Contact) and as a child took great interest in sport (particularly boxing and Aussie-rules football), while studying in his native Melbourne, Australia. While in high school, he wrote and acted in his first play.

Evagora brings a childlike purity to Star Trek: Picard, something that is needed in what is often a dark show. Star Trek: Picard has received some criticism from the audience for its dark and bleak offerings, particularly for the scenes that depict violence. While Elnor is the cause of some of this violence, all of his dialogue is spoken with an honesty that is hard to ignore.

When season two lands, Elnor will be a part of the main La Sirena crew, learning to adapt in the world outside of Vashti. Based on the first season alone, Evagora is already a highlight of the show, with hopefully plenty more to offer.

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