7 TV Shows With Disappointing Second Seasons

The second cut’s rarely the deepest.


A great second season’s about as difficult to pull off as a great second album (if one were to multiply the album length by a minimum of ten).

Every once in a while, a sophomore season will up the ante and blow the roof off its predecessor (see Mad Men, Justified and The Leftovers to name a few), or it'll just be a middle-of-the-oad affair, unspectacular but by no means unbearable.

There are, however, times when things fall so far short of the mark that we’re left feeling furious at the endless hours we wasted binge-watching.

Even in this golden age of TV consumption, not everything can be a winner and there’s plenty of shows from yesteryear right up to today that fall far short of the mark they themselves set.

That's partly because creators often had their whole lives to create instalment number one and just a few short months to rush out that all important number two. There have been many times where shows bounced back from a rough season two to restore their greatness, but there are occassions where a once promising series simply never recovers...


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