8 Classic Doctor Who Monsters Who Should Make A Return

8. The Monoids


The Monoids first appeared in 1966's The Ark, a TV story from series three of the original run of the show. These one eyed humanoids saved the human race from a dying Earth, but eventually conflict grew between the two races. A peace is eventually reached by the end of the story, and The Doctor and his companions head off on more adventures.

It would be interesting to see what this race of aliens are up to these days, or even just a lone Monoid who has been split up from his race. There are quite a few different ways the writers could explore the race of aliens. Perhaps The Monoids even remember The Doctor and require his aid once more.

Not to mention, they have a very distinctive look with a mop haircut and one eye which is sure to capture the attention of young and old audiences alike. They're certainly one of the more silly looking classic monsters, but not every monster that appears in the show has to be as nightmare material.

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