8 Insane Doctor Who Flux Theories That Will Blow Your Mind

It's been a long time since fans have had so many theories about a series of Doctor Who.

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Doctor Who Flux has been one massive rollercoaster so far and fans have been calling it the best series in a very long time. The new serialised format is working wonders for the show and we've been spoiled with tons of narrative threads and arcs going all over the place.

We've met some great characters and some terrifying villains. We've seen some crazy things and we've still got three more episodes to go. Not since the days of David Tennant's Doctor have fans been so excited and eager for more. Flux has got us all talking and theorising about what might come next and who each character is and there are some absolutely mad ideas floating around out there.

Some of these theories are completely outlandish and will never be true - Dan being the Doctor could be one of them. Others make sense but aren't quite fully formed, like Awsok (that random old lady) being the White Guardian, and the rest we're about to explore.

Whether we're close to the mark or a million miles away, only time will tell.

8. The TARDIS Is Dying

doctor who

There was a rumour last year that the TARDIS might lose its police box outer shell in this season, even if only for a while. The first episode of Flux, and the subsequent episodes since, have shown that something is very wrong with the Doctor’s ship, which could add fuel to this rumour.

The TARDIS is leaking gooey black stuff which resembles oil or blood. It’s growing jagged crystals erratically and the door never appears where it should. Something is definitely going wrong and the most logical solution is that the TARDIS is dying.

If the TARDIS does die, there could be some truth in the rumours of it changing appearance for a while. Especially if the Doctor needs to somehow fix it or get a new one. We doubt it would ever be anything as drastic as getting a brand new TARDIS, but anything could happen while it’s dying. The main question is why. Is it down to the Flux or something more sinister?


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