8 Insane Doctor Who Flux Theories That Will Blow Your Mind

7. Dan Has Already Met Time Lords

doctor who

A throwaway line from John Bishop’s character, Dan Lewis, got fans spiralling out of control with theories. Upon entering Jodie’s TARDIS he remarks that his friend had one and it was “a bit bigger”.

While this is the kind of thing that would fit Dan’s cheeky character as a joke, it’s still hard to completely overlook. Fans have speculated that either he’s travelled with the Doctor before, that he’s met the Master and been manipulated to get close to Jodie and harm her, or even that his love interest Dianne is actually a secret Time Lord.

Some even speculated that Dan himself is a forgotten incarnation of the Doctor but is that possible given Dan has a full life and family in Liverpool? Either way, he’s managed to stay relatively calm to say he’s had the weirdest day of his life. Kidnaped by an alien dog, sneaking onto Sontaran ships without a second thought and then travelling through weird time streams. Something is up with Dan but we don’t know what just yet.


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