8 Major Questions We Have After Stranger Things 4: Volume 2

6. When Is Will Going To Confess To Mike?

Stranger Things

Will's sexuality has been delicately hinted at throughout the entire series, with many fans speculating that he has a crush on his best friend, Mike Wheeler.

Season four volume two has essentially confirmed this theory, where the two characters share a heartbreaking scene at the back of Argyle's pizza van. Mike has doubts that Eleven truly loves him, so Will leaves him with an emotional speech on how Eleven would be lost without him. However, while using it through Eleven, Will is confessing his own emotions towards Mike.

Will tells Mike, "When you're different, sometimes you feel like a mistake." Mike interprets this as how Eleven feels, but Will is communicating that he is at odds with himself about liking Mike. Unaware of this, Mike thanks Will for his emotional support leaving Will to sob quietly by the van's window.

Whether, when, and how Will will reveal his true feelings for Mike goes unresolved. This will possibly and hopefully happen in season five, and if not, it will truly leave a melancholy sentiment for fans everywhere.


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