9 Easter Eggs Hidden In TV Shows That Went Over Your Head

3. Arrested Development Squeezes Tons Of Easter Eggs Into One Mural

Although the Netflix-sponsored season of Arrested Development has its share of detractors, there's no arguing that the whole endeavor was dedicated to the diehard fans of the show. You may not have liked the direction the show went in, but you had to appreciate the amount of callbacks and references that Season 4 made to the previous incarnation of the show. In terms of sheer volume, one scene stands alone. In the very first episode, Michael is kicked out of George Michael's UC Irvine dorm room (he was living there due to some financial hardships) and decides to move to Phoenix. For all of about twelve seconds before he realizes it's way too hot there. But during his brief time at the Phoenix airport, Michael rides a moving platform with a nifty looking mural in the background. It's very brief, but if you pay close attention to the details of that mural, you'll notice that it contains every major landmark and plot point of the series up until that point. It has the stair car, the Queen Mary ship, the banana stand, the Mexican church where Michael accidentally left Ann Veal, a rickshaw from their time in Iraq, the loose seal, and a whole host of little winks toward an audience that appreciates Easter eggs more than any other fanbase known to man.


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