9 Reasons To Be Hyped For Star Trek Discovery

8. Spock’s Dad Is In It...

Star Trek Discovery

The latest Discovery news is that James Frain (of Gotham and Agent Carter) has signed on to play Sarek, the Vulcan father of a certain Mr Spock. This pointy-eared papa was previously played by Mark Lenard in The Original Series and its corresponding movies, and by Ben Cross in J.J. Abrams' Star Trek.

This is a particularly exciting development for long-time fans of the franchise, who'll know that Spock's dad is an ambassador for Vulcan on the Federation Council. His involvement here makes it likely that Discovery will visit, or at least reference, the iconic home-world of Spock.

It's also unclear at this stage whether Sarek's wife and Spock's mum, the human teacher Amanda Grayson, will appear in the show. She could feasibly show up at some point, perhaps with a young Spock in tow.


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