9 Star Trek Characters Who Deserve A Spin-Off Series

4. Agnes Jurati

Rachel Garrett Star Trek

Agnes Jurati was introduced in Star Trek: Picard Season One as a cyberneticist helping Jean-Luc Picard investigate a mystery involving advanced androids based on the work of Data's father, Dr. Noonian Soong. At the end of season two of Picard, Jurati had merged with a Borg Queen and become the Queen of new Borg collective that would no longer forcefully assimilate people and that would prize distinctiveness and individuality.

A Jurati-focused series would follow the new Borg Queen as she forges this new collective into a force for good. This new collective would protect less developed cultures while using advanced technology as a tool for understanding the universe rather than as a weapon. This series would investigate themes shared with cyberpunk books, movies, and TV shows such as Neuromancer, Blade Runner, Ghost in the Shell, and Neon Genesis Evangelion.

For example, the Queen, and other Borg would struggle with maintaining their sense of self while being interconnected with others. Other themes would include the ethics of integrating technology with biological lifeforms, dealing with the rapid development of technology, equitable access to technology, and the repercussions of giving advanced technology to societies that aren't quite ready for it.

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