9 Star Trek Characters Who Deserve A Spin-Off Series

2. Kira Nerys

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Kira Nerys, the sometimes confrontational but ultimately loyal first officer of Deep Space Nine was heavily influenced by her time in the Bajoran resistance to the Cardassian occupation of her home planet. Her time in the resistance was often discussed but only rarely depicted on screen.

A Kira series would be a hard-edged military drama similar in tone to the Disney+ series Andor. Much like Andor, it would explore the conflict at the heart of the morally gray life of a resistance fighter. There is a fine line between being a 'resistance fighter' and being a 'terrorist'. What are the consequences of crossing it? And how do you know when you have?

The series would examine these themes as it follows Kira's journey from a bitter pre-teen running errands for hardened veterans to a trusted soldier and undercover operative. She and her fellow members of the Shakaar resistance cell would be confronted with the many moral questions related to their war such as the acceptability of collateral damage and whether or not all members of an enemy state should be held accountable for the actions of a few.

In the end, it is facing these kinds of questions that shaped Kira Nerys into the tough, confident, and moral first officer and woman the audience grew to know on Deep Space Nine.

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