Adventure Time: Ranking Every Major Character From Worst To Best

3. Finn

Adventure Time
Cartoon Network

The show's main protagonist is everything you want from a hero. Finn is a brave figure who is quick to help and defend all the people of Ooo from whatever problems or evil villains they're facing. He's a kind-hearted guy, who is incapable of ever doing anything wrong or unjust.

Because of this he has become a character close to many people's hearts and his blue shirt, shorts, hat and sword combo has gone on to inspire plenty of fancy dress costumes. There's been a lot of times we've laughed with Finn such as his Punch Your Buns song and dance as a baby and becoming a giant foot to name just a few. But there's also been a few where we've cried such as him losing his arm or his many romantic problems with Princess Bubblegum and Fire Princess.

For all the good he's done for the Land Of Ooo and all the entertainment he's given us, we salute you Finn.


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