American Horror Story: 10 Saddest Deaths

8. Benjamin Richter

American Horror Story Violet Death

In the show's ninth season, 1984, viewers were introduced to notorious serial killer Benjamin Richter (John Carroll Lynch) - aka Mr Jingles. He's a towering force of power who was allegedly responsible for a massacre in 1970 at Camp Redwood. And now that he's escaped from prison, he's about to return to the summer camp for more bloodshed.

His brutal kills and seemingly unstoppability made him a frightening presence within the show. And yet he would turn out to be one of the most tragic characters to appear within the anthology.

As the series progressed, viewers would discover that Richter wasn't the villain he was said to be. It's revealed that he took the blame for the real killer (Margaret Booth) and had a tragic childhood related to the camp's curse.

Years later, a newly reformed Richter would find himself at Camp Redwood again to protect his infant son from Richard Ramirez. However, in an intimate conversation with his mother, he realises that the only way he can accomplish this is if by killing himself and join the other spirits trapped at the camp.

It's a sombre scene that shows Richter wasn't the monster he was made out to be.


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