American Horror Story: Apocalypse - 7 Ups & 1 Down From 'Return To Murder House'

6. Madison’s Redemption

American Horror Story Apocalypse Madison Montgomery

While American Horror Story has seen quite a few bitchy archetypal characters over the years, Coven's resident socialite, Madison Montgomery remains one of the best. In spite of her brilliance, however, the character wasn't quite used to her full potential during the third season of the show, which is why her re-emergence in Apocalypse has been greatly appreciated.

Return To Murder House further develops the character, showing that she is capable of showing emotion, and we learn that her experiences in hell have left her somewhat traumatised, which is why she's determined to be better. What's more, her actions in this episode make it easier to forgive all of the terror that she was responsible for during the Coven season of the show. Mind you, she’s still as sassy as ever and her razor-sharp tongue makes for great dialogue when she faces off with characters like Chablis and Constance.


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