American Horror Story: The Best Character Of Each Season So Far

8. AHS: Apocalypse - Michael Langdon

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The Langdon family is made up of some of the most important characters in the entire American Horror Story timeline, and Michael is their final legacy.

The main antagonist of the show's eighth season, Apocalypse, Michael is actually introduced in the show's debut, the son of Tate Langdon (disguised as the Rubber Man) and Vivien Harmon, whom he raped in a twisted ploy to give the ghost Nora Montgomery a child.

The finale of Murder House teases that Michael is far more than the offspring of a horrible assault, though, but the son of the Devil himself. Apocalypse gives startling insight into just what this means, by revealing the world has been almost entirely destroyed by Michael's immeasurable supernatural powers.

Ultimately, Michael feels like a love letter to the show's long-time fans, with his development giving striking insight into the Langdon's past and effectively toying with the show's formula. Apocalypse may be too jumbled to be as effective as it should be, but Michael's inclusion certainly saves it from complete failure.


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