Angel: Every Season Ranked From Worst To Best

4. Season Two


Aside from Season Four, the rest of the show is all very strong, balancing drama, mystery, action and well-controlled character arcs with masterful precision. Unfortunately, one of the remaining four has to make the bottom of the pile, and that (dis)honour falls on the shoulders of the show's second outing.

Season Two has some stunning storylines, character plots and affecting stand-alone entries designed to make our heroes more layered and compelling. For the most part, this all works wonders.

However, the latter episodes of the season, which take place in an alternate dimension, are just ridiculous. Sure, they have some typically fun moments and exciting fight scenes, but it's a powerfully weak end to a season which, up until that point, had been simply phenomenal.

All that aside, Season Two introduced fans to Lorne and Fred, truly unforgettable characters who stole the fans' hearts from the get-go. It also gave audiences the chance to learn more about Darla, a villain from Buffy's first outing who was, at the time, criminally underused.

On the whole, Season Two is a strong effort, capturing much of the essence of the first season with episodes like "The Thin Dead Line", "The Trial", "Darla" and "Are You Now or Have You Ever Been?". It's just let down in the rankings by its bizarre and out-of-place final arc.

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