Archer: 10 CRAZY Cheryl Moments

9. Redecorating ISIS


After the rollercoaster, cocaine-fuelled season that was Archer Vice, the show returned to its roots with season six. Nothing quite summed up the glorious return of the ISIS office than Cheryl and Pam's “redecoration” in the opening episode “The Holdout”.

Following a grant by the FBI (it’s a LONG story), office dictator Malory Archer, has (somehow) allowed the dunderheaded duo to completely renovate their headquarters.

Initially, they proudly present a lavish, high-tech office that screams style and sophistication, complete with a floating drinks tray, much to the squealing delight of Ms Archer. However, to the horror of everyone but Pam, Cheryl and us, this is all revealed to be a projected ruse. Unbelievably, Cheryl and Pam have returned the office back to the way it was before, including spilled employee blood, which Cheryl proudly and worryingly exclaims is “the same type” of blood as murdered office bullet sponge Brett.

The laughs continue as Cheryl berates the one new addition, a sentient toaster named Milton, and casually continues the tour whilst Malory uncontrollably sobs in her new-old office, whilst Cheryl smiles all the way, thrilled to have broken her boss down.

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