Arrow Season 4: 5 Reasons To Be Excited About John Constantine

4. Relevant

Constantine Matt Ryan

The swan song for Matt Ryan as John Constantine is well-deserved after his efforts to keep his show afloat in an unfortunate time slot, but even the themes of magic and mysticism aren’t enough to guarantee that his place on Arrow would be anything but a gratuitous meta nod to another aspect of the DC universe on the small scene.

Fortunately, folks behind the scenes at The CW have guaranteed that Ryan will be integrated into the plot of an episode in which even Oliver’s arrows and perfect aim will not be enough. Appearing in the fifth installment of the fourth season – entitled “Haunted” – John Constantine will be playing a key role in supporting Oliver during the resurrection of a certain character. With Sara Lance soon to be rising from the dead to reunite with her friends and family in Starling as well as to don leather and head over to the upcoming spinoff, there can be little doubt that Ryan’s part in “Haunted” will be anything but relevant to the series.

Besides, after the fun of pairing bouncy Barry Allen with intense Oliver in the earlier Flash/Arrow crossovers, it should be entertaining to see the hero with a bit of a dark side in Oliver Queen join forces with a snarky anti-hero in John Constantine.  


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