Better Call Saul: 10 Things You Only Notice Rewatching Season 1

9. Brock's Nurse

Better Call Saul

When Walter White incurs the wrath of Gustav Fring, he concocts an elaborate scheme to save himself and his family. In doing so, he frames Gus for poisoning young Brock, the child of Jesse's girlfriend Andrea, to get him back on his side. Desperate to see him, Jesse is twice barred from Brock's bedside by a nurse because he's not an immediate family member.

Just another day for this key worker, as she's had prior experience with difficult, Walter White affiliated characters. It's not obvious at first, because in both Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul she's a minor character in an emotionally fraught scene, but a second viewing highlights the familiar face of actor T.C. Victoria Warner.

She appears in the Better Call Saul episode "Alpine Shepherd Boy", attempting to stop Jimmy from unplugging all the electrics in Chuck's hospital room. She's forced to call security when Jimmy refuses to comply with her request and shoves her. Just an average day at work in the Breaking Bad universe. Still, she should count her blessings. At least she's not working at Hector Salamanca's retirement facility...


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