Big Bang Theory Or Flight Attendant: Penny Or Cassie - Which Kaley Cuoco Character Said It?

The drunken, once promiscuous Penny or the drunken, still promiscuous Cassie?


When looking through the pantheon of great TV sitcoms, there are so many examples of actors who achieved huge popularity as a certain character, only to then rarely appear in anything else of note.

On the other hand, there are those actors who took the success of their breakout, star-making role and used this as launching pad to move from one big project to another. And on that front, Kaley Cuoco has recently wowed as Cassie Bowden in HBO’s The Flight Attendant.

Prior to this, of course, Cuoco shot to superstardom as Penny in The Big Bang Theory for a ridiculous 12 seasons; that show long since cemented as one of the all-time greats of its time.

Penny and Cassie share certain similarities, with both enjoying an alcoholic tipple more than most, and both also not shy of finding romantic partners at the drop of a hat. That was in Penny’s younger days, mind, although it remains to be seen what lies ahead for Cassie in The Flight Attendant’s now-confirmed second season.

So , two great characters from Kaley Cuoco, but which of the pair said each of these lines of dialogue – was it Penny or was it Cassie?

1. Oh, I Want In, Is Perfectly On Time Still Available? Oh, I Win.


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