Black Mirror: Ranking Every Episode From Worst To Best

13. The Waldo Moment

Channel 4

In The Waldo Moment, a foul-mouthed animated comedy bear becomes such a figurehead against politics that his creator ends up being forced to make the character run for government.

When ranking the Black Mirror episodes, there is one outlier that has to come at the bottom. To be clear, it is not that The Waldo Moment is a poor hour of television. Far from it, like every instalment of the show, it has some worthy things to say – such as the dangers of running against the system so much that you become part of it.

The problem is that its wit just isn’t as sharp as other episodes, though that might be more the fault of the target rather than the material. Perhaps it's too difficult to successfully satirise politics nowadays because the current landscape is so ridiculous as it is?

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