Breaking Bad: Each Main Character Ranked From Worst To Best

10. Marie Schrader

Breaking Bad

Marie Schrader is easily the most out-of-place character in Breaking Bad's inner circle. The sister of Skyler White and wife of Hank, she didn't play a key role in the primary plot of the show, and although she was around for all five seasons of the series, her development was the least impressive of those around her.

Her relationship with Hank opened up some compelling moments for the character, but these sequences often focussed more on her husband's development than Marie's. On top of that, she was really unlikable; a snobby, arrogant, high-and-mighty woman who constantly felt the need to pry into other peoples' business.

That being said, underneath her bizarre kleptomania and materialistic outlook on life, she was genuinely caring and proved more than once to be supportive of her family during their many problems. Also, she loses her husband, and given how strong their relationship had become in its final moments, it was an absolute gut-punch that Marie didn't deserve.

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