Brooklyn Nine Nine Quiz: Who Said It - Jake Peralta Or Charles Boyle?

Who said it - Detective Right-All-The-Time or The Deuce?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Quiz

Is there anything better than an inspiring, perfect, and majestic bromance? The answer is no, of course.

When you think of TV bromances, your mind immediately goes to classic friendships like Joey and Chandler from Friends however, Jake Peralta and Charles Boyle, a.k.a. "The Night Boyz”, have earned a spot on the list of perfect bromances throughout the eight seasons of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Practically every episode of the series seems to solidify the fact that Andy Samberg’s Jake Peralta and Joe Lo Truglio’s Charles Boyle are just simply inseparable in every way. They have been there for each other through difficult cases, injuries, and of course, dating disasters. From saving each other's lives on dangerous cases to Jake bonding with Charles’ son Nikolaj, the list of adorable features of the pair’s bromance goes on.

While there are many great characters on the show, Boyle and Peralta’s dynamic is one of those things that really make the series as good as it is. They’re the type of bros that could never do each other any harm.

The question we are asking today is, how well do you really know this duo? Are you a Die Hard fan and able to perfectly answer who said the following quotes? Let's find out!

1. “Yeah, I'm Not An Idiot. I Know How To Trick My Best Friend Into Eating His Fibre.”


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