Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The Ultimate Terry Jeffords True Or False Quiz

How well do you know the Nine-Nine's big friendly giant?!

terry crews brooklyn nine nine

Terry Crews is an actor with less haters than a Betty White appreciation party. The man can do no wrong, as his style of loud comedy, wholesomeness and energy has been a popular staple of the movie business for some time now. But, while his Hollywood career has seen him soar to some incredible heights, it's his role as Terry Jeffords in Brooklyn Nine-Nine that just might be his most significant success.

This series was an excellent showcase for the star, as he's been able to take the role of Terry and grab him by the horns. Although the series is bursting with expressive characters, Terry easily ranks as one of the most beloved thanks to his bright personality, quirky humour and love of yogurt.

Throughout the show's seven seasons, fans have gotten plenty of chances to get to know this loyal friend and loving father, leaving a tonne of trivia in his wake. So, this quiz will test out the biggest Terry nuts and see who really is one with the Ebony Falcon.

If you manage to score 100%, then you've earned the right to jump right into a pot of Mango Yogurt.

1. His Middle Name Is Victor.


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