Burn Notice: 3 Questions Left To Answer

1. Who Is Dying?

Bn Tombstones When the news broke that a major character was dying right here at the end, I cannot say I was entirely surprised. The past seven years has seen a lot of death surrounding our Miami family, and mere law of odds would dictate their luck had to run out sometime. Following Nate's death we knew anything was possible. I was almost certain we were going to lose Jesse earlier this season. I do not feel anyone is particularly most likely, if it does not happen tonight, I am sure I have a stronger inclination next week. I also cannot say there is anyone I am particularly hoping for it to be. Do not make me choose; I love them all! I know I will be devastated regardless, but who knows, maybe this will be the catalyst to save Michael from complete self destruction. That would make it somewhat worth it. Burn Notice has always been about consequences, about weighing the odds, about the cause and effect of a world full of wrongs. Too happy of an ending would have indeed been disingenuous to the journey. And it could be worse, in picturing potential endings, I imagined a full on Shakespearean-style tragedy where Michael snaps and obliterates everyone in a hail of gunfire. So what say you? Any Sonya fans out there? Will the CIA redeem themselves? Who is biting the bullet? Please discuss below.
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