Curb Your Enthusiasm: 10 Moments Where Larry David Was Right

10. Larry and Jason€™s Meeting (S2, Ep 2)

Curb Your Enthusiasm Jason Meeting

The Context: Larry and Jason Alexander (former star of Seinfeld) never enjoyed the smoothest of relationships on Curb. Tensions started early in Season 2, when the pair set up a meeting at Jason€™s office to discuss a potential new show idea. As Larry drove over, he was confronted by pro-wrestler Thor Olsen, who punctured one of Larry€™s tires. Unable to make the meeting on time, Larry eventually got to Jason€™s office but had to leave immediately to sort out his defunct car. The Issue: Before leaving, the two aimed to reschedule their plans. Jason suggested meeting again at his office tomorrow, but to be fair to Larry, he had already made the long trip from Santa Monica. It was only fair that Jason would return the favour the next day, but Jason stubbornly refused the suggestion, leaving the two locked in a full-blown argument. After his friend had spent the whole day dealing with a flat tyre and yet still managed to drive over, it was Jason who was wrong to have been so inconsiderate.

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