Doctor Who: 10 Alien Worlds That Need To Be Revisited

When you've got all time and space to explore, why plump for 21st century Britain?

Over the past few years, one of the most common criticisms of modern Doctor Who has been its tendency to set stories on Earth, specifically in present day Britain. For the most part, the show finds a way to strike a healthy balance between past, present, and future, on Earth and otherwise. But some fans insist that part of the magic of Doctor Who is his ability to be a cosmic backpacker, spending nearly every week on a different alien world, something that can hardly be showcased when the Doctor is stuck on Earth for extended periods of time. With the advances in technology that have taken place since the show's inception in 1963, it almost feels like a missed opportunity not to go back and revisit some of the more interesting planets we've seen the Doctor explore. In New Who, the show runners have cultivated an almost reverential attitude towards classic monsters. So why not take some of the best alien worlds, conceptually speaking, and bring them back?

1o. Sense-Sphere - The Sensorites

Sure, The Sensorites is not exactly the most beloved story of the First Doctor's era. The Sensorite masks muffled the actors' speaking voices and the plot point that they can't tell each other apart without the ceremonial sashes is sketchy at best. But as a species, the Sensorites had a tremendous amount of storytelling potential that was wasted when the show was still trying to establish itself. They were clearly the inspiration for the Ood, and it's only fair that they should come back and show what they're really capable of. A peaceful, telepathic race, the Sensorites lived on a planet that ran like a well-oiled machine and was largely free of strife. Physically sensitive to both light and sound, the Sensorites struggled with loud noises and became practically blind in the dark. This made them especially vulnerable to humans, who could overcome these sensory issues. So maybe we could see them again when a human crew attempts to exploit the natural resources of the Sense-Sphere, and the Doctor has to help them again. Bonus points if a new Sense-Sphere episode is the one that finally brings back Carole Ann Ford as Susan, whose performance in the original Sensorites episode was one of her best on the show.
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