Doctor Who: 10 Awesome Episodes For Those Weary Of Waiting For 50th Anniversary

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Wallpaper Edit By Forsakendusk D6prwja It seems as though November 23rd will never get here. The Doctor Who 50th anniversary show has been highly anticipated and highly debated. With such a shroud of secrecy surrounding the show, theories abound on the internet as to what precisely will happen. I've gotten caught up in those theories so much that my head feels like it€™s going to explode, so what I have decided to do is to just enjoy the past episodes that I own on DVD and just wait. Not patiently, mind you, but just wait. Since I've gone through my collection once through, I am now going back and just watching my favorite episodes. The ones that scare me, the ones that are fun and the ones that are emotionally draining; all of which are reasons why Doctor Who is such an entertaining show. I€™m sure my favorites differ from yours. But that is the beauty of Doctor Who, what appeals to one person may not appeal to another, but what brings us together is our love of this well written and highly engaging show. Whovians United!

Melita is into all things Doctor Who. She is a mother of two teenagers and has raised them to be proper geeks, just like she is.