Doctor Who: 10 Most Game-Changing Moments In Day Of The Doctor Trailer

Doctor Who Jhur We FINALLY got it, guys! Six months after the last episode, four months after a trailer was screened at Comic-Con (not that they shouldn't have gotten first crack at it, but surely 2 months was a long enough wait), we FINALLY have a trailer. Mind, it was accidentally released early on Facebook by the Latin American arm of the BBC...I would have a lot more sympathy if the marketing people hadn't had us in virtual blackout for a truly ridiculous amount of time. Now, the trailer us AWESOME, and it does look like the episode will be worth the wait. If nothing else, it'll be GORGEOUS. Yes, I will CONTINUE to use ALL CAPS at random because WE FINALLY GOT IT and I am very unreasonably excited about this. So, now that the initial "holy s@*t" is past, it's time to look at what exactly this trailer really told us, beyond that some people have lines. So, without further ado, here are the ten most game-changing moments you can spot in this trailer:

10. The Destruction Of Gallifrey

Doctor Who Trailer Seriously, just LOOK AT THAT. And it's one of a whole lot of big, gorgeous, apparently war-torn images. Unless Gallifrey was involved in some other war with the Daleks, it looks like we're going to get a peek at the Time War itself! So whatever this is, it must be post time war. In "End of Time," they said that Gallifrey was on the edge of the time war, and that in the heart of it tons of people were dying every second. But this looks like everyone on Gallifrey died, not just people in the heart of the time war. So is this Gallifrey as it exists in the future, after the time war has ended? And does its existence in the future mean the time war was unlocked? So, it's time to speculate: will the three Doctors travel back in time to the Time War? The War is locked outside space and time: will they have to unlock it to get it? Will it unlock itself? Has it already unlocked, and they have to go re-lock it? Two weeks to speculate--go! Oh, and by the way, it sure looks a lot like this... Doctor Who Trailer2

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