Doctor Who: 10 Great Actors Who Need To Play Villains

What better way to move Doctor Who forward than feature one of these star names?

Besides the Doctor, the villains are why we all watch Doctor Who. Whether they're alien beings covered in green scales, or merely corpses that aliens take over in order to appeal to humans, it€™s impossible to watch Doctor Who and not love a good villain. And the only thing Whovians like more than a good, evil villain is to have a familiar face playing that role. While it€™s often joked that Britain only has ten actors, the truth is that Britain has no shortage of actors that would make fantastic villains for Doctor Who. From huge blockbuster names to people who are just starting to get noticed by people, I have concocted a list of names that would be not only a joy, but practically an inspiration to watch play villains. While normally list like these are only €˜what-if€™ lists, with Doctor Who being such a huge part of the British culture, I can€™t imagine that many of these actors would say no at the chance to go against a current €“ or future €“ Doctor. The list could go on and on, but I€™ve stopped at ten, some names obvious and hopefully a few surprises. I€™ve also taken the liberty of adding whether they would even need to appear on screen, or if just their voice would be enough.

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