Doctor Who: 10 Mind-Blowing Uses Of Foreshadowing You Never Noticed

Because regardless of what you think of him, Moffat loves stuffing in tiny details and callbacks.

Doctor Who has a reputation for the timey-wimey these days; fans generally nitpick their way through the series, looking for the smallest of clues that will lead the Doctor onto his next adventure. Really, it's magical that the writers drop in hints to keep us excited. But whilst some hints are blatant references €“ like dropping the word "Torchwood" into every episode €“ sometimes writers are so subtle, that we still don't see the references, even watching the episodes now. It's arguably the most fantastic job in the world, knowing the Doctor's future and getting to plan it, let alone being able to walk around the TARDIS whenever you fancy; it's no wonder that writers sometimes tease us with what's in store for the show. You probably recognised the words "Bad Wolf" and maybe "Vote Saxon" if you were eagle-eyed; perhaps you figured out how the Doctor faked his own death in Series 6. But did you notice these ingenious little nuggets of foreshadowing? Here are ten fantastic examples in the show, and remember to add others you've noticed in the comments section below!
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