Doctor Who: 10 Timey-Wimey Episodes (Not Written By Steven Moffat)

Even way back in 1965, Doctor Who was timey-wimey.

For the last few years, Doctor Who has arguably been defined by the so-called 'timey-wimey' stories of writer-in-chief, Steven Moffat - who himself coined the term in his 2007 Who-rror story Blink. However, although the Moff (that is Steven Moffat's nickname not Peter Cushing from Star Wars) may have created the term, he is by no means the only Doctor Who writer to have written episodes that could be described as €˜timey-wimey.' But what does that actually mean? As an intentionally silly replacement for pseudo-scientific babble, it's a hard one to define but, for this article at least, any Doctor Who story that plays with the nature of time travel more than the usual episode can be classified as timey-wimey. So please hop back in time and leave a series of clues leading you to this point in your life and then return to the present to find out the top 10 timey-wimey Doctor Who episodes not written by Steven Moffat. Or, you know, just read on.
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