Doctor Who: 10 Timey-Wimey Episodes (Written By Steven Moffat)

In my last article I looked at the best timey-wimey episodes of Doctor Who NOT written by Steven Moffat. Now, I think it's time we take a stroll through the work of the Moff himself. Steven Moffat is a controversial figure nowadays but back a few years ago when Doctor Who returned to our screens triumphant, Moffat's scripts were rightly praised. Applauded for their humour and scary monsters, but most of all, for their intricate plotting that more often than not played with the nature of time travel. When Moffat took over as head writer of Doctor Who from Russell T Davies in 2010, he continued to produce the timey-wimeyiest Doctor Who there's ever been €“ there were deaths undone, lives rewritten and more parallel worlds and alternate timelines than you shake a TARDIS at. And that's without mentioning the Doctor's time-travelling wife who kept meeting him in the wrong order, So before you go all wibbly-wobbly at the thought of more introey-winrtroey (that's not going to catch on, is it?), let's have a look at the best timey-wimey episodes written by the man who coined the phrase.

10. Time Crash

This 2007 Children in Need special may only be seven minutes long but it certainly packs a paradoxical punch in its short running time. Not long after saving the Earth, stopping the Master and saying goodbye to his best friend (the Doctor never has a dull day), the Tenth Doctor finds his younger self, the Fifth Doctor, in the TARDIS! Though Number Five doesn't at first believe 'the skinny idiot' in front of him is himself, the Doctors deduce that their two TARDISes have crashed together, causing a terrifying paradox that could blow a hole in spacetime the size of ... Belgium, apparently. That's a bit undramatic, isn't it? However, before this can happen the Tenth Doctor steps in and creates a black hole and supernova at the exact same instant, the resulting explosion and implosion cancel each other out and the TARDISes go free. The Fifth Doctor is amazed that his future self worked it out so quickly. And then realises. The Tenth Doctor remembered being the Fifth Doctor watching himself doing that. Just to alleviate some of the stress this might cause viewers, the two Doctors then give a cheery rendition of 'wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey.' Only a few months after Blink, the idea of the timey-wimey had now properly crashed into the Whoniverse.

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