Doctor Who: 10 Ways Patrick Troughton Made The Recorder Cool

Doctor Who Flute We all know everyone's going to be sad when the Eleventh Doctor exits stage left in 'The Time Of The Doctor'. So let's look back by looking even further back and have a little fun with the Second Doctor. There's that old saying that 'music soothes the savage beast' -so let's see if it works on a generation of upset new- Whovians! And who better to be our guide in that regard than the first incarnation of the Time Lord to display real musical prowess of any sort? From the moment he finds his beloved recorder following his recovery from his first regeneration in 'The Power Of The Daleks' it rarely leaves his side and comes in handy on a number of occasions. Ask anyone for memories of Patrick Troughton's Doctor and it'll most likely get a mention-as well as his bow tie & Beatle hairdo. Where William Hartnell was mostly a grumpy old man this incarnation seems more like your mad uncle or a brilliantly eccentric music teacher. And at the end of 'The Highlanders' he even gets a jamming partner when Scottish piper Jamie McCrimmon joins he,B en & Polly aboard the TARDIS. Sometimes though,all he needs is his trusty instrument. Oh my giddy aunt!

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