Doctor Who: 5 Key Celestial Interventions

There's been a Gallifreyan hidden hand at work at certain points in the Doctor's timeline. A secret organisation known as the Celestial Intervention Agency has been operating with the backing of the High Council of Time Lords under the motto 'the story changes, the ending stays the same"- enabling them to break the strict policy of non-intervention with every chance of plausible deniability by the Council should things go wrong. And they've been at work since the Age of Rassilon, formed from an elite group of the post-Pythia Time Lord figurehead's guards. And with the freedom to change certain details of history if not the overall outcome for the benefit of Gallifreyan interests they could be said to be every bit as mysterious as the Doctor himself. Fitting then that they've used him as an agent on several occasions willingly or otherwise! These and more will be looked into as we delve into their most gamechanging interventions in time. They might just be the best spies in the galaxy- so good that even they don't know which side they're on according to 'Mindbomb'. Come with us then as we investigate further...
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