Doctor Who: 5 Key Celestial Interventions

5. The Second Doctor As Agent Pre - 'The Two Doctors'

In the aftermath of his sentencing to enforced regeneration at the end of 'The War Games' the Second Doctor receives an offer he reluctantly can't refuse. The novel 'World Game' is the tale of his first assignment for them- with Time Lady Serena serving as his companion, he's off to stop the Players meddling at the Battle of Waterloo. He gets a Type 97 TARDIS in police box form as a concession to his own comfort for his trouble in attempting to stop both Lord Nelson and the Duke of Wellington meeting a nasty end in the name of the Players game, one calling herself the Countess intending to position herself as the architect of a monumental wrong turn for human history. It's also the first recorded use of psychic paper. Revealed as a CIA invention it allows the Doctor to go about his mission relatively unimpeded and pose as Napoleon himself on behalf of Nelson in a bid to learn French military secrets. It won't be seen on screen until the Ninth Doctor wields it in 'The End Of The World' though. He's given a time ring which will be used again in 'Genesis Of The Daleks' on another mission in his Fourth incarnation and even gets to keep the Bonaparte outfit. Hastily thrown into the TARDIS wardrobe it gets an outing following his regeneration into his Seventh body. And where do the CIA send him afterwards? Space Station Chimera! Leading nicely into 'The Two Doctors' and a meeting with a colourfully attired future self which throws up several more questions for the budding Season 6B theorist. Six will be also later be present at Waterloo in 'The Curse Of Davros' but for now the most pressing engagement is trying to persuade Dastari to give up on his time-travel experiments.
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