Doctor Who: 5 Reasons You Should Give The 1996 TV Movie A Chance

3. The Movie Has Some Good Comedic Moments

Comedy has been a staple of Doctor Who since its reboot, but the groundwork for its inclusion may very well have been laid here in the TV movie. One of the chief complaints of the movie is that the plot is cheese supreme, but it has some humorous moments that must have been intentional. The obvious ones come from the Doctor's handing out jelly babies to diffuse tense situations, a not-so-subtle nod to this classic trait of the Fourth Doctor. There were also jokes referring to the Doctor's accent and explaining that he was British; his response to that statement was, "Yes, I suppose I am." We were also treated to some fun comedic moments with Pete the morgue worker's understandably astonished reaction to the Doctor's regeneration...and his subsequent attempt to explain it to Grace Holloway, the operating surgeon. He wasn't entirely successful; Grace suggested he get "some more mind-altering drugs" from Psychiatric before heading home for the day. Grace herself was a source of comedy due to her frustration with her boyfriend Brian (whom we never get to see but whose presence is felt, nonetheless, thanks to Grace's donation of his old shoes to the Doctor). But my personal favorite moment is the Master's line to the wife of the ambulance driver whose body he has just possessed: "My name is not 'honey'." And speaking of the Master...

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